Singapore – Lion City

I can't even believe I'm holding my plane tickets to Singapore! It happened so fast that all the planets were certainly aligned for this holiday to happen (and here I'm referring to two of my best friends, Mihaela and Vio, who said YES right away). We were preparing for a holiday in Croatia when, without... Continue Reading →

One day in Key West

When I found out that we were going to spend a few days in Miami, my first thought was to get to Key West, which I had read about some time ago. Being the southernmost point of the United States and only a stone's throw from Cuba, Key West stands out from all the other... Continue Reading →

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Amazing California

Wow! I can only start my post about California like that, and that is because itโ€™s an amazing place, where you can find everything you want or you don't want. No wonder America is the land of all possibilities ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nothing you read about before really prepares you for the experience that you have there.... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my World

This is how I started 2020...with a good coffee on the terrace of a Miami apartment in trendy Brickel on the 35th floor. Simply wonderful! #explore is no longer just a simple tag for me now, but it has become my leitmotif for this year. So I suggest you follow me on my travels, journeys,... Continue Reading →

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