Malta – Insula de miere – o vacanta de neuitat

Cu siguranta, cand spui Malta, te gandesti la renumitii Cavaleri Ioaniti sau Cavalerii Crucii Albe datorita celebrului lor simbol, Crucea Malteza, care este o cruce alba in opt colturi, purtata pe o mantie neagra. Acest minunat arhipelarg aflat in mijlocul Marii Mediterane si format din 6 insule este incarcat de istorie, de traditii si legende,... Continue Reading →

Little Switzerland!

If you could choose any place in this world, where would you like to live? For me, Switzerland is the exception to the rule. In the sense that, although it doesn’t border seas or oceans (so dear to me) it is easily at the top of the countries where I would like to live. The... Continue Reading →

One day in Key West

When I found out that we were going to spend a few days in Miami, my first thought was to get to Key West, which I had read about some time ago. Being the southernmost point of the United States and only a stone's throw from Cuba, Key West stands out from all the other... Continue Reading →

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O zi in Key West

Când am aflat că vom petrece câteva zile în Miami primul meu gând a fost să ajungem și în Key West despre care citisem cu ceva timp in urmă. Fiind cel mai sudic punct al Statelor Unite și doar la o aruncătură de băț de Cuba, Key West se remarcă de toate celelalte insule prin... Continue Reading →

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