San Sebastián – Donostia

Candva una dintre destinatiile favorite ale familiei regale spaniole, San Sebastián este un oras cosmopolit cu un puternic caracter basc. Desi, aveam temele facute de acasa, orasul acesta a reusit sa ma surprinda prin fascinantele sale peisaje si cladiri, care, in realitate, nici nu se compara cu pozele vazute pe internet. Donostia te intampina cuContinue reading “San Sebastián – Donostia”

Alicante – the city of light

Today we will travel to one of the oldest human settlements on the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean Sea, namely Alicante. Founded by the Greeks, Alicante is a picturesque city that perfectly combines the atmosphere of the beach and relaxation with historical and architectural attractions. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, Alicante is a destination thatContinue reading “Alicante – the city of light”

Bali – The most beautiful beaches

We left the wonderful Ubud with its famous temples and rice fields and headed to Kuta, a place where surfing is at home. The strong waters of the Indian Ocean attract many daily enthusiasts of this sport, being the right place for both experts and those who want to climb on a board for theContinue reading “Bali – The most beautiful beaches”

Bali – The Island Of The Gods

After a few days in Singapore, we enthusiastically headed to Bali. We chose to fly with Scoot, the low-cost version of Singapore Airlines, and it must be mentioned that we encountered some problems with buying tickets online, as our cards were not accepted (both Visa and Mastercard). In the end we managed to pay throughContinue reading “Bali – The Island Of The Gods”

Bali – Insula Zeilor

Dupa cateva zile petrecute in Singapore ne-am indreptat cu entuziasm catre Bali. Am ales sa zburam cu cei de la Scoot, low-costul celor de la Singapore Airlines si, trebuie sa mentionez ca, am intampinat cateva probleme cu cumpararea online a biletelor, intrucat nu au fost acceptate cardurile noastre, nici Visa, si nici Mastercard. Intr-un finalContinue reading “Bali – Insula Zeilor”

Bine ați venit în lumea mea – Miami

Așa am inceput Noul An 2020… Cu o cafea buna pe terasa unui apartament din Miami, in faimosul cartier Brickel la etajul 35. Pur și simplu minunat! #explore nu mai este acum doar un simplu cuvânt pentru mine, ci a devenit laitmotiv-ul meu pentru acest an. Așadar, va propun să mă urmați în călătoriile, căutărileContinue reading “Bine ați venit în lumea mea – Miami”

Singapore – Lion City

I can’t even believe I’m holding my plane tickets to Singapore! It happened so fast that all the planets were certainly aligned for this holiday to happen (and here I’m referring to two of my best friends, Mihaela and Vio, who said YES right away). We were preparing for a holiday in Croatia when, withoutContinue reading “Singapore – Lion City”

One day in Key West

When I found out that we were going to spend a few days in Miami, my first thought was to get to Key West, which I had read about some time ago. Being the southernmost point of the United States and only a stone’s throw from Cuba, Key West stands out from all the otherContinue reading “One day in Key West”

O zi in Key West

Când am aflat că vom petrece câteva zile în Miami primul meu gând a fost să ajungem și în Key West despre care citisem cu ceva timp in urmă. Fiind cel mai sudic punct al Statelor Unite și doar la o aruncătură de băț de Cuba, Key West se remarcă de toate celelalte insule prinContinue reading “O zi in Key West”